Friends joining the guild.

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Friends joining the guild.

Postby Vixonia » 04 Jan 2012, 20:19

A strong reminder to all other members who are thinking of having their friends apply for a raiding spot:

Be realistic about the number of spots in a raid, be realistic about the setup of a raid and of what we need in the raid to keep progressing hcs. And most importantly, do not invite friends if you want to play with those friends at all times ... Whining because a friend can't get in the same raid as you is not helping the guild and only causes frictions and problems, most likely resulting in some players not showing up or quitting the raids because they feel their needs (playing with their friends) aren't met.

Just a small heads up (aka warning) before thinking of inviting your friends for raiding.

Any other non-raiding social friend is welcome to join our ranks and have a good time with us, provided that he/she follows our rules of conduct and does not harm our reputation on our realm.
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