Raid Rules

Raid Rules

Postby Vedic » 09 May 2014, 16:55

1) Treat each other with respect
Wiping for hours on end during progression may cause frustration and frictions. But keep in mind that in the end, we all play this game to have fun. Racism, name-calling and other intolerable behaviour will result in a warning, GP penalty or potential guild removal.

2) If you sign up for a raid, we expect you to show up
Use the ingame /calendar to sign up for raids. Failure to show up after signing will result in a GP penalty and removal of EP from the previous day since this screws up our planning. (Only exclusion to the penalty is explained below)

3) Can't raid some night? Let us know on the absence forum
Everyone agrees that IRL>WoW. It's OK if you can't make it to a raid due to IRL stuff or whatever reason, but it takes 1-2 minutes to write a small post to let us know so we can plan accordingly.

4) Check your gear
Gotten an upgrade? Make sure it's properly enchanted before the start of the next raid. Or even better, use the break to enchant it! For the first raid, Breath enchants are acceptable, but once the market is cheap enough, Gift enchants will be mandatory. Some form of weapon enchant is a must.

5) Bring raid consumables of your own
The market hasn’t settled down to a point where the guild bank can provide everything, so make sure you’re bringing your own foods/flasks/potions!

6) Ask questions if you do not know what to do
You keep the rest of the raid waiting or may even cause wipes if you keep quiet. Speak up on teamspeak or raid chat if you're not sure what you're supposed to do.
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