Loot Distribution Rules & EPGP System

Loot Distribution Rules & EPGP System

Postby Vedic » 01 Dec 2014, 22:41

Updated 1st of December 2014

We have discussed and re-evaluated our looting system and decided that we are keeping the Master Looter EPGP system.

What the hell is EPGP?
EP = Effort Points (increases your priority on loot)
GP = Gear points (decreases your priority on loot)
PR = Priority

You will build up effort points when raiding and for the good things you do (how you get these points - see below).

You will build up gear points each time you get an epic drop, or if you incur a guild penalty (again - see below).

Effort points is divided by Gear points to work out your priority. The person with the highest priority will be… prioritized (heh) in terms of loot.

But how are we going to roll on items?
Loot will be distributed by an officer using the 'Request Roll' feature of the master looter system:
It will prompt a roll as if it was Group Loot: NEED is for MS, GREED is for OS and PASS if you don't need it. Person with highest Priority will get the item for MS and awarded GP. No GP for OS items. Also, GP for failures will be increased and given consistently by one officer, no more slacking there!

Common Sense First
Where an item is for a specific spec- the item goes to that spec. Example, Spirit ring drops - the healer spec is the only one able to roll need on it so they and only they roll Need to let Master Looter know they are interested in the item. If multiple healers need the item in the group and all of them want it - we refer to the EPGP system.

(Keep in mind that Blizzard made it so that armors change main attributes (Str, Int, Agi) depending on the wearer’s spec, so all plate wearers will roll on plate drops etc.)

Main spec over Offspec
MS > OS! Example - a Balance Druid will not get a spirit ring, because that would make no sense. But, if no-one wants the gear (because they have it or have better) ONLY THEN will you be given a piece of gear that is for your class but not your spec (a frost dk getting a bonus armor item for example). You will not be granted GP for OS gear.

For example, lets say Lunana and Kpzor both want an intellect ring in heroic Highmaul (500GP)

Lunana 10000 EP 2000 GP: 5 Priority
Kpzor 10000 EP 2100 GP: 4.75 Priority

Lunana failed less on encounters, so he has less GP. This makes him have higher priority - so he gets the ring. Because of this, 500 gear points will now be added to him.

Kpzor 10000 EP 2100 GP: 4.75 Priority
Lunana 10000 EP 2500 GP: 4 Priority

Now if such an item dropped again, Kpzor would have higher priority so he would get the item, and the GP! Makes sense? And it makes sure we distribute the loot well. If two players have the same PR (very unlikely) - then we go to /roll.

The EPGP add on automatically values an item - so a weapon will add more GP than wrists. (If you want to see the GP value of items - install the add on. But for your convenience, here is a table for Highmaul Gear:

Sockets are +200 to GP, tertiary stats and warforged also add a percentage of the item to its cost, but it's a dynamic system and I don't know how exactly those work. It's a little thing to keep in mind.

How Do I Build Up EP?

To begin with, we have decided to allocate EP points for the following:

- 2000 EP per FIRST kill on a specific boss
- 1000 EP every kill after that

How Do I Build Up GP?

A) You get GP every time you receive epic MS loot (explained above).
B) You get GP on some occasions for transgressing rules, going AFK without notice and/or repeated fails.
  1. 1st trivial fail will get you a warning
  2. 2nd trivial fail will get you a final warning
  3. 3rd trivial fail will get you 100 GP (subject to adjustments)
  4. Every fail after that will increase the amount of GP you get and will eventually result in getting swapped out, so try not to fail too much!
  5. Raid-wiping fails will get you 250 GP on the first occurrence
  6. AFKing without warning will get you 50 GP
  7. Not responding to a ready check will get you 50 GP
P.S: If you sign up to the raid and fail to show up while not having your absence reported on the absence forum, you will get 500 GP and your EP removed from the previous raid night. If there is a good reason why you can't join, make sure to let us know! Not signing up is not enough, we can’t keep track of every single member.

Loot Thresholds
We like to reward loyalty to the guild and helping it to progress. For this reason, we have set the following thresholds for when we consider priority on gear that drops in raids. This priority will override the EP/GP Priority:

Officers, Core Raiders and Members have 1st priority
Trials have 2nd priority
Social/friend have 3rd priority

Example: A Core Raider, a Member and a Trial roll on an item and EP/GP Priority is Trial > Member > Core Raider, then the item will go to the Member.

Both EP and GP points are decayed by 15% for everyone in the guild at the end of the raid on Mondays- this ensures no-one can hoard points and keeps figures manageable.

Do I need to install EPGP?
Essentially no - but you can if you want to. Raid Leaders MUST have it! In the officers note you can check on your EP and GP and see the points others have too. But if you want to see the league table of who has priority you will need to install the most recent EPGP addon.

More Info
The EPGP addon can be downloaded here

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